Training and Placement Office

The University has an active Training and Placement Office- (TPO) which looks into the placement and internship opportunities for its students. The objective of the cell is to help students identify their career goals and provide them with an edge into present day competitive job market. The student representatives of the cell in consultation with faculty coordinators take the lead in all related activities with the support of the University. The TPO not only facilitates the recruitment process but also helps in the up-skilling of students through workshops and special lectures delivered by domain experts from the industry. The aim is to present the leaders of tomorrow and assure that our students will be an asset to the growth and development of any company or organisation.


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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar School of Economics University engages its students with a dynamic curriculum and offers training in core economic principles, critical thinking, analytics, and real-world problem- solving. The course facilitates the collaboration, exchange of information, and contribution towards ongoing research and projects.

The University encourages students to transcend the conventional classroom learning practices by placing due emphasis on reading seminal works and emerging theories in the field of economics as well as understanding global trends through national and international news and publications. Their strong skill set, empirical learnings, and rigorous course work collectively enable them to excel in the challenging environment prevalent in the job market.

The curriculum demands students to write term papers, thereby giving abundant opportunities for students to apply theoretical concepts and improve their research skills. Students are indeed familiarised with software packages such as R, Python EViews and Stata which gives them an edge in the age of big data. They receive hands-on training in optimisation techniques, data mining, data visualization, data analysis, predictive modelling and machine learning.

The third batch of M.Sc. Economics and first batch of M.Sc. Financial Economics at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar School of Economics University come from all over the country, from diverse groups and different socio-economic backgrounds. With such varied educational backgrounds from esteemed institutions, each student is already acquainted with the world of economic analysis and research. The thread that binds this diversity is the Training and Placement Office (TPO). Each student is more than just an active part of the placement process- they are integral to it. A distinct feature of our batch is that all students cleared the national level post graduate entrance exam- CUET-PG 2022. The Masters programme at BASE is the perfect interplay of core academia and emerging contemporary advancements in the fields of Economics and Finance.

Our holistic curriculum ensures that our students are equipped to further their knowledge, understand complex real life- situations and deliver concrete solutions. The course offers subjects like advanced econometrics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, among others, for an in-depth analysis of economic phenomena. Our most recent batch of 2022-24 includes students from all over India and from numerous prestigious colleges and universities, their interests range from consulting to data analysis to economic policy and journalism to a lot of other various allied fields. The students of this batch are very keen to apply their vast knowledge of learned quantitative techniques as well as economic theory to the real world and start their professional journey with their heads held up high.

Internships: Batch 2022-23

Faculty Coordinators

Dr. Bipin
Dr. Sheetal

Student Coordinators

Richard Johny (Placement Coordinator)MSc Economics, 2nd Year
Yash Agarwal(Secretary)MSc Economics, 2nd Year
Tiyakshie NegiMSc Economics, 1st Year
Ishita SajwanMSc Economics, 1st Year
Divyanshu SahrawatMSc Financial Economics, 1st Year
Aparna PRMSc Financial Economics, 1st Year
Aayan SaptarshiIntegrated MSc Economics, 3rd Year
Sobin Paul Singh DhanjalIntegrated MSc Economics, 3rd Year
Nipa B.M.Integrated MSc Economics, 2nd Year
Akshai Ananthakrishnan IyerIntegrated MSc Economics, 2nd Year