Why BASEU? What makes B.A.S.E.U Special and Unique.

Bengaluru is strongly emerging as a hub of international business. As a result, the demand for quality manpower with robust training in analytics is strongly felt. We have in Bengaluru quite a few centers that train in economics but possibly could muster the required orientation and faculty flexibility. These have produced good person power but still have stayed far from creating a unique place on the National map. The proposed  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar School of Economics University, Bengaluru will fill that important void in the teaching support required for public policies, private trading industries, government agencies and also analysis of evolving trends and patterns in the economy. It is expected to shed light on the implications of various initiatives and activities undertaken by the government, private sector, developments at the regional, national and global level.

Analytical research capacity in the social sciences both to monitor the course of the economic development and society on the one hand, and to guide the futuristic would be of immense value to the society in general. Given the diverse and fast-changing economy of the state and its linkages with the international business, creating that crucial demand for first rate trained developmental personnel. The required analytical power can only be inculcated with rigorous training and that should come from a public institution which is not driven by a profit motive. The BASEU is planned to emerge as a School of Excellence in Karnataka but effectively it should serve as a school of excellence in Southern India and for the country as a whole. It shall have to acquire a unique brand name at international level through

  • Mandatory internship and training programmes.
  • Sharpening the mind thorough employability skills and innovative courses.
  • An incredible compendium of academic programmes, innovative methodologies, intensive research, committed faculty and good infrastructure facilities.
  • Inherits rich tradition, imparts discipline, empowers the disadvantaged and offers quality education.