Learning Resource Centre

The University has an excellent Library cum Resource Centre which encompasses an appreciable collection of unique books and journals dedicated exclusively to Economics and allied Social Science subjects. The capacious nature of the Learning Resource Centre as it is rightly called, provides the most suitable atmosphere for the learning activities to take place with utmost prolificacy. The bewitching infrastructure combined with the pleasant view it captures, adds on to give the much-desired aesthetics. It is also characterised by a ‘Discussion Centre’ which provides room to hold conferences and carry out constructive discussions. 

Library Rules and Regulations:Library Working Hours:Facilities Offered:

The Learning Resource Centre is well designed to support e-learning as it is equipped with digital resources and subscriptions to various databases to assist students and young professionals in the pursuit of their academic excellence. Moreover, the university is incessantly working towards enhancing its capacity by giving due importance to the potentialities of information technology, keeping in mind, a sustainable future.

Library Staff
Mr. Ramesh Kumar M , Librarian In-charge
Mrs. Chaitra K Ravi, Senior Technical Assistant
Mr. Ullas B H, Technical Assistant

Contact: library@base.ac.in