Disciplinary Norms

Bengaluru Dr. B. R. Ambedkar School of Economics is dedicated not only to learning and advancement of knowledge but also to developing ethical and responsible human beings. The disciplinary policies are made with this uncompromising perspective.

• Ragging of any kind and magnitude inside/ outside the college campus will lead to dismissal.

• Any kind of disturbing behaviour in the campus is not permitted.

• Smoking, use of drugs, alcohol or peddling drugs in the campus is prohibited.

• Any ill-treatment, both physical and verbal, based on gender, caste and religion will lead to dismissal.


Note to Parents:

Parents and guardians are asked to follow the student’s progress in studies and his/her general conduct in and outside the college. Their co-operation is solicited especially to ensure a regular attendance and academic progress. They are asked to co-operate with the college authorities in the formation of their children/ wards. Visit regularly the college website www.base.ac.in for any information about your ward / college particularly through Student Portal