“na hi jnanena sadrsam pavitram iha vidyate”

Accordingly, the Government of Karnataka constituted a committee of experts under the chairmanship of Shri. S. V. Ranganath, Vice Chairman, KSHEC & former Chief Secretary to the  Government of Karnataka. Based on the recommendation of this committee, the Government of Karnataka & Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri. Siddaramaiah approved the establishment of this
institution at a total cost of Rs 350 crores, Rs 275 crores from government funding and Rs 75 crores from corporate sources & released Rs 107 crores in the financial year 2016-17. The Government of Karnataka has allotted 43.45 acres of land In the Jnana Bharathi Campus of Bangalore University for the establishment of the institute.  The state government intends to run the School as an autonomous institution of international standard.

Hon. President Pranab Mukherjee on 14th April 2017 laid the foundation stone for the Dr B.R. Ambedkar School of Economics in the Bengaluru University campus on the 126th birth anniversary of the architect of the Indian Constitution.