Impact of Ahar Anudan Yojana on Nutrition and Healthcare among Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups in Madhya Pradesh

Project Team: Sheetal Bharat, Rajesh B , Sumirtha Gandhi

Abstract :  This project aims to ascertain the benefits received in terms of improved health seeking behaviour and increased intake of nutritional foods among the PVTG populations of Madhya Pradesh, as a result of the scheme Ahar Anudan Yojana.  The project will involve a primary survey among the target populations.

Sponsored by: Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis, Bhopal

Quantum and Spread of Government Support to Households: Direct and Indirect Transfer of Subsidies, Goods and Services under Social Protection Policies in Select States of South India  

Project Team:  Sumirtha Gandhi, Amartya Paul, Sheetal Bharat.

Abstract :   The purpose of this project is to ascertain the extent to which all the various central, state and local level social protection schemes which transfer resources to the households are benefiting the households by reducing their vulnerability to negative economic shocks.  Vulnerability is a multi-dimensional concept and the project will narrow the focus to one dimension to ensure tractability, and to ensure that a primary survey can yield valuable insights.

Sponsored by:  UNICEF, Hyderabad

Child budget analysis and Public Expenditure Efficiency for the state of Uttar Pradesh.  

Project Team:  Sheetal Bharat, Sumirtha Gandhi and N R Bhanumurthy.

Sponsored by:  Lucknow University – UNICEF, Lucknow

On Fiscal Policy and Financial Markets: A Case Study of India

Reserve Bank of India DRG Study

Project Team: N R Bhanumurthy & RBI Team.

Abstract: The proposed study tries to address some of the following issues: Understand the causal nexus as well as transmission channels between financial markets and the fiscal outcomes in India; Identify the episodes and quantify how the relationships have changed, if any; Quantify if there are any thresholds under which the relationships could change; and To check if there had been differential impacts on Centre and State fiscal situation due to crisis in the financial markets?

Impact of MGNREGA in preventing distress migration in Marshal village, Afzalpur Taluk, Kalburgi district 

Project Team:N R Bhanumurthy, Sheetal Bharat, Rajesh Balarama and Sumirtha Gandhi. 

Abstract :  The purpose of this project is to ascertain the impact that it has had in last two years on the levels of distress migration in the Mashal village, Afzalpur taluk, Kalaburgi district of Karnataka State. An important challenge for the project will be to demystify the link between three factors- distress migration, the scheme, and the pandemic.

Economics and Environmental impact of MGNREGA plantation works in Honnakirangi, Kalburgi talik. Kalburgi district.  

Project Team:  N R Bhanumurthy, Sheetal Bharat, Rajesh Balarama and Pleasa Abhraham. 

Abstract :  This project aims to ascertain the efficacy with which MGNREGS plantation works are carried out in the Honnakiranagi village of Kalburgi taluk of Kalburgi district, and what effect the scheme has had on beneficiaries lives, and in the local ecosystem.