Working Paper Series

The purpose of Working Paper Series is to disseminate the research work of faculty, research scholars and students in the pre-publication stage. All the papers have undergone a two stage review process,  in-house and external. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Bitter Convergence: Contemporary Crisis of Labour in Rural West Bengal
Authors: Manikantha Nataraj & Soham Bhattacharya
Details: Working Paper Series: 17/2023
March 2023
Economic Impact of MGNREGS Works in north Karnataka
Authors: Sheetal Bharat, Pleasa Serin Abraham and Rajesh Balarama
Details: Working Paper Series: 16/2022
December 2022
State Heterogeneity, Redistributive Policy and Pro-Poor Growth: Evidence from India with a special reference to Education
Authors: Amartya Paul and Srikanta Kundu
Details: Working Paper Series: 15/2022
July 2022
Impact of Information on Technical Efficiency of Agricultural Production in India
Authors: Aritri Chakravarty
Details: Working Paper Series: 14/2022
January 2022
Identification of “Valuable” Technologies via Patent Statistics in India: An Analysis Based on Renewal Information
Authors: Mohd Shadab Danish, Pritam Ranjan and Ruchi Sharma
Details: Working Paper Series: 13/2021
November 2021
Factors affecting Water Conservation Potential of Domestic Rain Water Harvesting – A Study on Bengaluru Urban
Authors: Harshita Bhat & Pleasa Serin Abraham
Details: Working Paper Series: 12/2021
November 2021
Public Debt – Economic Growth: Evidence of Non-linear Relationship
Authors: Blessy Augustine, O.P.C. Muhammed Rafi
Details: Working Paper Series: 11/2021
October 2021
Horizontal Inequity in the Utilisation of Continuum of Maternal Health Care Services in India: An Investigation of Pre and Post-NRHM Period
Authors: Sumirtha Gandhi, Umakant Dash, Suresh Babu M
Details:Working Paper Series: 10/2021
June 2021
Landslides Identification through Conglomerate Grey Wolf Optimization and Whale Optimization Algorithm
Authors: Rajesh B
Details:Working Paper Series: 09/2021
May 2021
Has the Demand and Supply-side Components of Janani Suraksha Yojana Augmented the Uptake of Maternal Health Care Services among Poor Women in India ? : An Application of Hybrid Matching Technique
Authors: Tulasi Malini Maharatha, Sumirtha Gandhi, Umakant Dash
Details: Working Paper Series: 08/2021
May 2021
Image Inpainting via Generative Multi-column with the aid of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Authors: Rajesh B and Muralidhara B L
Details: Working Paper Series: 07/2021
May 2021
Menstrual Hygiene Management in Poor Adolescent Girls: A Comparative Cross-Sectional Case Study in The Slums of Chennai and Delhi
Authors: Shruthi Ramesh, Sumirtha Gandhi & Varsha Reddy
Details: Working Paper Series: 06/2021
April 2021
Measuring the inequality in the coverage of Reproductive, Maternal, New-born and Child Health Coverage Indicators in India Using National Family Health Survey, 2015-16
Authors: Sumirtha Gandhi, Tulasi Malini Maharatha, Umakant Dash & Suresh Babu M
Details: Working Paper Series: 05/2021
March 2021
Information and Price Convergence: Telegraphs in British India
Authors: Tahir Andrabi, Sheetal Bharat, Michael Kuehlwein
Details: Working Paper Series: 04/2021
January 2021
Asymmetric Monetary Policy Transmission in India: Does Financial Friction Matter?
Authors: Ranjan Kumar Mohanty & N R Bhanumurthy
Details: Working Paper Series 03/2020
November 2020
Opportunity cost: beginning, evolution and a much-needed clarification
Authors: Sheetal Bharat
Details: Working Paper Series 02/2020
November 2020
Information asymmetry and the choice between rights issue and private placement of equity
Authors: Bipin Sony & Saumitra Bhaduri
Details: Working Paper Series 01 /2020
October 2020