Clubs at BASE

The students of BASE have formed seven clubs with the intention of encouraging holistic learning and skill development. The clubs organise activities and events to give students an opportunity to widen their horizons of knowledge and experience.
From cleaning drives to discussions that promote awareness, the ECO-nomists do it all. We help each other do as much as we can for the planet, one step at a time and spread awareness for the environment.
2. Inklets
The literature club at BASE is a place that provides food for thought in all its sessions. Here there is fun filled learning through movie screenings, book reviews and much more. At inklets we explore the world around us using literature.
As the name suggests, the public speaking and elocutions committee at BASE helps students hone the skill of public speaking, discussion and debate, structured formally and informally. Discussions at PSE aim at building confidence and helping each other grow.

The performing arts club at BASE is where students can unleash the star in them. Be it dancing, singing, drama or anything
else-it is udbhav that lights up the stage in events. The club aims at promoting as many types of performing arts as possible in the institute, be it on stage or off stage.

Artidote is the place for the artists at BASE. From simple crafts to fascinating art, artidote provides a platform for students to showcase their creativity. There is no end to the amazing variety of art that can be explored at artidote.

6.Event Management club
Leave it to the event management club at BASE to line the academic year with fun filled activities- from trips to college events. Here is where one can learn organisational skills, and learn to brainstorm ideas and implement them practically.

7.BASE-ian games
All work and no play make us grumpy and sad. Sports and fitness is central to a healthy lifestyle, and for the residential nature of the courses at BASE base-ian games is an indispensable committee. This is the place for students to indulge in all things sports- from friendly games to intense tournaments.